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Digital Xrays

 Benefits to using digital dental x-ray images:


  • Digital x-ray images  require less radiation. 75% less!!

  • When the digital x-ray image is exposed, it can be sent directly to a computer and viewed right away.

  • Digital x-ray images can be enlarged on the computer screen. This makes it much easier for you and the dentist to see the pictures. 

  • Digital x-ray images can often be corrected without having to make another x-ray exposure.

  • The dental office can print or copy your digital x-ray images. They can also be sent electronically to insurance companies, which may help claims get processed faster.

  • Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for film and film processing chemicals.

Professional teeth whitening

We offer at home bleaching treatments with custom made trays.


  A custom tray is designed to minimize the contact of bleaching gel with gum tissue.  Trays that don’t fit properly can also cause irritation when the edge of a bleaching tray rubs against the gums. Over the counter products dont fit as well and material leaks to soft tissues causing burns.



 Ask about our seasons specials for gifts to yourself or loved ones! (need to be a Patient of record in order to get the service)

Intraoral Camera

With the use of an intraoral camera we can:


  • Show patients lesions, cavities, fracture lines, etc.

  • Before and after pictures.

  • Document for insurance purposes.

  • Monitor lesion changes

General Dentistry
  • We offer white fillings, all porcelain crowns, and esthetic treatments.

  • We do in house Root Canals for most of the cases. We only refer re-treatments and difficult cases.

  • We restore dental implants.

  • In house extractions for most cases, we do refer out impacted wisdom teeth and other difficult cases.

  • Nitrous sedation available.

  • Dentures.

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